-- Dutch Holy Quran with Commentary in braille script,another major publication of Maulana Muhammad Ali's work

-- One unit of Dutch Quran in braille script officially presented to the general secretary of AAL


We would like to inform you all that the Dutch Holy Quran with Commentary, published by the AAIIL-USA in 2004, has been transcibed completely into braille script and made available by Stichting Ahmadiyya Isha'at-i-Islam (Lahore)last week. This is the first ever publication of a translation of the Holy Quran with commentary by Muhammad Ali into braille for people who have a visual handicap. The whole Quran is now available to all the people with this handicap through their special libraries.


On February 23, 2009 Stichting AII organised a Jalsah in its meeting hall to welcome mr Amir Aziz, the new general secretary of Ahmadiyya Anjuman Lahore, on his first visit to the Netherlands. In this Jalsah the president of our organisation officially presented one unit of this unique and major work to him to bring over to AAL. The general secretary also payed a visit to the Maulana Muhammad Ali Library of Stichting AII.



Maulana Muhammad Ali Library


Mosque Stichting Ahmadiyya Isha'at-i-Islam (Lahore)


The topics on which the general secretary spoke were "Peace, in general"

and "Claims of the Founder of the Ahmadiyya Movement" illustrated by a multimeadia presentation.

The topics were explained very clearly by the secretary and the audience appreciated his ability to explain in a clear and simple way very much.


It is worth mentioning here that the realisation of the great task of publishing the Holy Quran in braille, which took several years, was supervised and conducted by our secretary, mr Jerrel Sardar, and his wive Shafida.

You may remember that in October 2007, under their supervision, the MP3 and Daisy audio versions of Maulana Muhammad Ali's Dutch "The Religion of Islam" were realised through their sacrifice. May Allah Almighty reward them for the great jobs they both have done. Amien!


We all thank Allah once again for enabling our Stichting AII to realize these great works for the Dutch speaking comunities.


We thank AAII-USA for enabling us to carry out this Holy Quran in braille script, and also everyone else for their prayers


Stichting Ahmadiyya Isha'at-i-Islam (Lahore)




Fotosession 230209 Amir Aziz




Congratualions of AAIIL-USA


Dear President

Stichting Ahmadiyya Isha'at-i-Islam.


Assalamo Alaikum,


Congratulations on the great achievement of publishing the Braille edition of the Dutch Translation of Maulana Muhammad Ali’s English Holy Quran translation and commentary. May Almighty Allah Bless and Reward the stitchting Jamaat for producing the first ever Braille edition of our Quran Translation.


The USA Jamaat is very happy and proud about the progress being made by the Stichting jamaat in promoting the Dutch Holy Quran. It reinforces our heartfelt feelings that the right decision was made when the publication of the Dutch Holy Quran was handed over to the stitchting jamaat. The USA Jamaat knew that the only jamaat capable of doing this great work was the stichting Ahmadiyya Jamaat.


We pray to Almighty Allah that He Rewards and Blesses Mr. Jerell and Mrs. Shafida Sardar for their contribution towards the publication of the Braille Holy Quran.

Once again we thank Almighty Allah for His help.


Insaallah, the USA jamaat will also publish a braille version of the English Quran Translation.

May Almigthy Alalh Bless and Reward you all.




USA Board of Directors

Dr. Mohammad Ahmad

Mrs. Samina Malik

Dr. Noman Malik

Mr. Fazeel S Khan Esq

Dr. Ersalan Rahman






Congratulations received from mrs Nadara Khan of the Muslim Literary Trust of Trinidad and Tobago



Assalamu Alaikum.

What an achievement! Please accept my congratulations on this grand accomplishment.

May Allah bless all those who were responsible for it becoming a

reality, and may He assist you as you continue to spread His message.



Nadara Khan






Congratulations received from mr. Shahid Aziz, secretary of AAIIL-UK


The UK jamaat is proud of your achievement.


Dear brothers


Congratulations on producing the Braille script translation of the Holy Quran. The UK jamaat is proud of your achievement.

Shahid Aziz







Congratulations received from Dr. Hamid Rahman, USA



Dear Brother


Assalam alaikum.

Heartiest congratulations on the publication of the Braille edition of the Dutch Holy Quran.

May Allah reward you and members of the Stichting Jamaat especially Brothers Nur and Jerrel Sardar amply.

Hamid Rahman



Congratulations received from Nasir Ahmad UK


My dear Bro. Imami


Assalamo alaikum.

thanks for the brilliant news. May Alah bless our young Bro. Jerrel who has probably sponsored the project.

With thanks and prayers

Yours sincerely

Nasir Ahmad






Congratulations received from Mr. Amir Aziz, General Secretary AAIIL


Dear bother

Assalmu Alaikum


This is to thank you for arranging wonderful programme during my visit.

I congratulate you for excellent project of Braille Holy Quran and this is a mile stone in the whole Islamic History.We commend your this effort.

Salam to all and once again thanks for the programme.

Yours truly

Amir Aziz

General Secretary